Conservation Opportunity Areas (COAs) are places where broad fish and wildlife conservation goals would best be met. Focusing investments in these prioritized areas can increase the likelihood of long-term success, maximize effectiveness over larger landscapes, improve funding efficiency, and promote cooperative efforts across ownership boundaries.

All 206 COAs include supporting information in an associated COA profile, including details about the area’s Conservation Strategy priorities, recommended actions consistent with local priorities, and ongoing conservation efforts. Access COA profiles by selecting a COA in the map below, or click on one of the icons on the top right hand corner of this page to see a list of all COA profiles. 

COAs were developed to guide voluntary conservation actions in Oregon. Land use or other activities within these areas will not be subject to any new regulations. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) COA map, dataset, and underlying profile information should only be used in ways consistent with these intentions.

For more information on what COAs are and how they were developed, see the COA Overview and COA Methodology sections.

To view COAs in a list or grid form, select one of the viewing option icons (next to the map pin) on the top right hand side of the screen.