Pelican Butte-Sky Lakes Area, COA 123

Cherry Creek Photo Credit: William Tinniswood, ODFW

At the ecoregion boundary adjacent to the East Cascades, and immediately adjacent to the Upper Klamath Lake COA in the East Cascades

COA ID: 123

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

  • Ducks Unlimited (Wetlands America Trust)
  • US Forest Service

Special Features


  • Adjacent to Pelican Butte Wilderness Area and circling Mountain Lakes Wilderness Area,
  • Area contains a significant percentage of the ecoregion's grasslands, wetlands and wet meadow habitats
  • Provides habitat for ESA Listed Lost Sucker

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID EC-09 (Upper Klamath Lake area)
  • 2006 COA ID WC-11 (Pelican Butte-Sky Lakes area)

Protected Areas

  • Cherry Creek Basin Research Natural Area
  • Crystal Creek
  • Fremont-Winema National Forest
  • Los Conversion Withdrawal Case
  • Mountain Lakes Wilderness
  • Mountain Lakes Wilderness Study Area
  • Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
  • Sky Lakes Wilderness
  • West Side Klamath Recreation Area


Strategy Habitats

    Strategy Species