Clouded Salamander

Clouded Salamander
Photo Credit: Justin Miles, ODFW


  • Species Common Name Clouded Salamander
  • Species Scientific Name Aneides ferreus
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


Special needs

Clouded salamanders prefer forest habitat or burned areas. They are often found among talus, debris, or in large, decaying logs.

Limiting factors

Clouded salamanders have a restricted range, occurring primarily in Oregon. The availability of microhabitat features, namely large logs, that meet temperature and moisture requirements is believed to be a key limiting factor.

Conservation actions

Retain patches of intact habitat, including large logs, during forest management activities. Identify areas of high salamander density and leave them undisturbed as 'seed populations' from which remaining habitat can be recolonized as it recovers from alteration. Provide adequate riparian buffer strips (see Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation recommendations) and downed wood.

Key reference or plan

Salamander Abundance and Amphibian Species Richness in Riparian Buffer Strips in the Oregon Coast Range

Life History Traits