Nehalem River Estuary, COA 009

Photo Credit: Herman Biederbeck, ODFW

The area includes the Nehalem River watershed from the ocean/estuary close to the headwaters by connection with the North Fork Nehalem COA . The area includes Nehalem Bay State Park. The state park helps to protect the 4-mile north spit from development. In April 2015 Western Snowy Plovers were found attempting to nest at Nehalem Spit State Park for the first time in many years. The site is being managed for Western Snowy Plovers through the Coastal HCP between the state of Oregon and USFWS.

COA ID: 009

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Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID CR-07 (Nehalem River Estuary)


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  • Sand spit, forested riparian, freshwater wetlands

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