Hart Mountain Area, COA 200

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Mainly located in south eastern Lake County, this COA encompasses an area from the Oregon/Nevada border in the south; Coleman Valley and Warner Valley in the west; Guano Valley and Mahogany Butte in the east, and across to the southeastern corner of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in the north. The COA includes several protected areas, including the Spanish Lake Research Natural Area and portions of the Spaulding Wilderness Study Area.

COA ID: 200

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

Special Features


  • Area contains extensive high quality sagebrush habitats
  • Sage Grouse Low Density and Core Habitat Areas
  • This area provides critical connectivity for Pronghorn Antelope that summer on Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge and winter in Nevada's adjacent Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID NBR-05 (Hart Mountain area)

Protected Areas


Strategy Habitats

Specialized Local Habitats

  • Cliff, Rim Rock, Rock Outcrops
  • Mountain Mahogany Woodland and Shrubland
  • Western Juniper Woodland and Savanna with mature trees

Strategy Species