Grimy Ivesia

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture


  • Species Common Name Grimy Ivesia
  • Species Scientific Name Ivesia rhypara var. rhypara
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Endangered


Special needs

Grimy ivesia is found on ash deposits or on widely-scattered outcrops of welded ash tuff. This species roots in shallow, weathered surface soil and cracks in the underlying bedrock.

Limiting factors

Grimy ivesia grows on potential gold-bearing deposits, so mining presents a serious threat to this species. Off-road vehicles and grazing also impact grimy ivesia.

Conservation actions

Survey suitable habitat to inform establishment of new populations. Limit insecticide spraying while plants are in bloom. Monitor populations to assess trends. Fence populations on public land to prevent cattle trampling.

Key reference or plan

Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Conservation