Malheur River Headwaters, COA 180

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The Malheur River Headwaters COA spans two ecoregions. Within the BM ecoregion, the COA includes Logan Valley and part of the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness and continues south to Battle Mountain (just north of Highway 306). Within the NBR, the COA is comprised of land associated with the Malheur River south of Battle Mountain to approximately one mile above the Warm Springs Reservoir. From west to east the COA includes the northern half of the Stinkingwater Mountains to Carey Tables east of the Malheur River.

COA ID: 180

Local Conservation Actions and Plans

Potential Partners

Special Features


  • One of four known Upland Sandpiper Nesting sites in Oregon
  • Sage Grouse Core Habitat Areas
  • Wetland and Wet Meadow complexes critical for migrating waterbirds

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID BM-14 (Logan Valley)
  • 2006 COA ID NBR-10 (Malheur River area)


Strategy Habitats

    Specialized Local Habitats

    • Greasewood Flats
    • Springs
    • Western Juniper Woodland and Savanna with Mature trees

    Strategy Species