Western Bumble Bee

Photo Credit: Rich Hatfield, The Xerces Society


  • Species Common Name Western Bumble Bee
  • Species Scientific Name Bombus occidentalis


    Special needs

    Western bumble bees use a wide variety of natural, agricultural, urban, and rural habitat types. They are now largely confined to high-elevation sites and areas east of the Cascade Crest. Western bumble bees require suitable nesting sites, overwintering sites for the queens, and nectar and pollen resources throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

    Limiting factors

    Western bumble bees are vulnerable to reduced genetic diversity and pathogens from commercial bumble bees and other sources. Conifer encroachment, habitat conversion, and habitat loss due to development are also serious threats.

    Conservation actions

    Plant and protect bumble bee habitat so that suitable nest sites, nectar and pollen, and overwintering habitat are provided.

    Key reference or plan

    The Xerces Society Conserving Bumble Bees Bumble Bee Watch