Smooth Mentzelia

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture


  • Species Common Name Smooth Mentzelia
  • Species Scientific Name Mentzelia mollis
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Endangered


Special needs

Smooth mentzelia occurs on dry, open, green or grey montmorillonite-derived soils from the Succor Creek formation. This species is typically associated with areas of abnormally high potassium content (popcorn clay), at elevations of approximately 2500-4420 feet.

Limiting factors

This species is threatened by road construction and maintenance, off-road vehicle use, grazing, mining, range improvement practices, range fires, and trampling by hikers. Climatic fluctuations and the absence of pollinators may also impact smooth mentzelia.

Conservation actions

Ban significant ground-disturbing activities that could harm this species. Fence populations on public land to reduce grazing impacts. Conduct photo-monitoring of trampling caused by researchers. Experiment with revegetation in disturbed sites.

Key reference or plan

Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Conservation