Longfin Smelt

Photo Credit: Trevan Cornwell, ODFW


  • Species Common Name Longfin Smelt
  • Species Scientific Name Spirinchus thaleichthys


Special needs

Anadromous fish that utilizes estuaries and coastal waters but spawns in freshwater rivers. Life cycle requires estuarine conditions. Only known to occur in waters near Columbia River, Yaquina Bay, and Coos Bay in Oregon and those estuaries and rivers.

Limiting factors

Suitable habitat.

Conservation actions

Protect critical habitat. Monitor populations at index sites. Gather information to fill data gaps. Utilize adaptive management practices based on findings. Federal and state forage fish fishery management plan.

Key reference or plan

Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 1: Protecting Unfished and Unmanaged Forage Fish Species
Oregon Forage Fish Management Plan

Life History Traits