Crosby’s Buckwheat

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture


  • Species Common Name Crosby's Buckwheat
  • Species Scientific Name Eriogonum crosbyae
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Threatened


Special needs

Crosby's buckwheat is found in rolling hills dominated by big sagebrush. This species occurs on light-colored, tuffaceous sandstone, at elevations of 5250-5460 feet.

Limiting factors

Crosby's buckwheat is threatened by cattle grazing, range improvement projects, off-road vehicle traffic, and mining operations.

Conservation actions

Limit rangeland projects within buckwheat habitat. Prevent off-road vehicle traffic. Conduct long-term monitoring to detect seed production trends. Collect and store seeds.

Key reference or plan

Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Conservation