Columbia Clubtail

Columbia Clubtail Photo Credit: Dan Nelson


  • Species Common Name Columbia Clubtail
  • Species Scientific Name Gomphus lynnae
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern


Special needs

Columbia clubtails are found in river and stream habitats. They lay eggs in the water, and larvae are aquatic.

Limiting factors

Columbia clubtails are endemic to Oregon and Washington. Wetland drainage and river/stream diversion for irrigation and development purposes, storm-water run-off containing pesticides, and carp predation can be harmful to this species. Mosquitofish may present an additional threat when they compete with dragonfly nymphs for small aquatic prey organisms.

Conservation actions

Protect habitat known to support Columbia clubtails. Manage invasive species in occupied areas.

Key reference or plan

Pacific Biodiversity Institute Endangered Species Information Network: Columbia (Lynn's) Clubtail