Spring Chinook Salmon, Upper Snake SMU

Chinook Salmon - Spring/Summer Run
Photo Credit: ODFW


  • Species Common Name Chinook Salmon
  • Species Scientific Name Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
  • Federal Listing Status Threatened
  • State Listing Status Threatened
  • SMU/ESU/DPS/Subspecies Spring Chinook - Upper Snake SMU, Snake River ESU


Special needs

Require streams with clean gravel, complex habitat, and cool temperatures for spawning and rearing. Require access for anadromous migration. Spring/Summer Run require cool, deep resting holes for holding over summer. Productive nearshore marine habitat that provides high-quality prey in sufficient quantity for rapid growth at time of ocean entry.

Limiting factors

Area blocked by Hells Canyon Dam. Populations functionally extinct.

Conservation actions

Restore passage above Hells Canyon Complex Dams. Restore aquatic and riparian habitat.

Key reference or plan

Oregon Native Fish Status Report, 2005 Pacific Coast Salmon Fishery Management Plan